Tune In

What is Tune In?
Tune In is our outreach project to build relationships with the artistic and musical communities. The War on Drugs has often been used to suppress sub-cultures associated with different types of drug use, whether Jazz musicians in the 40s, the psychedelic 60s or the rave scene of the early 90s.

We are inviting artists, bands, musicians, comedians and anyone with an artistic flair to become supporters of Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK!

I want to support you guys, what next?
As part of the Tune In project our groups will be able to advertise any gigs or exhibitions you may be putting on in their areas through their mailing lists. In exchange for the advertising we ask that you support Students for Sensible Drug Policy UK on your website, myspace etc and allow the group to hand out literature at your event.

Members of Tune In:
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